HackStats is a research project which monitors sites like pastebin, slexy, gist.github.com, etc and gathers cyber security related information. HackStats aims to provide a situational awareness about cyber activities with its processed data, statistics and charts. Also HackStats will provide a breach alarm option soon.

Cyber security related information consists of three different category in HackStats. First one is "Threat Actors" which includes state-sponsored and non-state hacker groups, individuals and cyber operations. Every kind of entity which can be involved in a cyber activity as victim is represented with "Possible Victims". And final category "Incidents" is about what the cyber incident is about. It can be a target notification, publishing an exploit or announcing a data breach. These three categories are assessed independently by HackStats engine. That means when a hacker group appears in HackStats that does not mean the hacker group conducted an attack. It just means something is written by the hacker group or about them to somewhere. Therefore especially "Top Threats" part of the site should not be considered as a scoreboard.

All of the information in HackStats is gathered by algorithms thus there are false positives. I am open to any suggestions or comments. About general issues or a specific data, it doesn't matter, you can use this link to contact us.